Germany as Study Destination

Germany education system relishes an excellent reputation. Teaching and research are the key drivers for innovation and progress. Germany has always been in the forefront of technological approaches and modern and innovative inventions. Institutions have the state-of-art equipments and infrastructure. Germany higher education offers thousand of degree programs. One can opt for a research-oriented program at a University or can go for a more practice-focused course at University of Applied Science or an artistic course at College of art or music. In a survey on the internationalization of German universities conducted by the German National Association for Student Affairs (in German: the Deutsches Studentenwerk or DSW) the number of students from abroad coming to study in Germany has increased every year since 1997. Germany is the most attractive study destination.

Quick Facts

  • Germany is the second biggest country, in terms of population, in Europe and located in the midpoint of the continent with as many as 9 bordering European countries.
  • Germany follows a ‘dual education system based on the principle of “The Unity of Learning and Research”.
  • Institutions of higher education in Germany are state-accredited, and are generally divided into: Universities, Universities of ‘Applied Sciences’ (a.k.a. “Fachhochschulen”), Colleges of Art and Music and Cooperative State University of Baden-Wuerttemberg.
  • Universities have adopted the Bachelor/Master system, thereby giving students more transparency in terms of the comparability of different subjects across universities, at both the bachelor and professional levels.
  • Germany’s highest ranked University in the QS World University Rankings 2013/14 is Ruprecht-Karls-Universitat Heidelberg (ranked 50th in the world), followed by Technische Universitat Munchen (53rd).

Why Choose Germany as Study Destination

Main Reasons to Choose Germany for Study are as follows:
  • 'Global' Academic Community
    Every year more than 230,000 international students come to Germany for study and research. Germany offers superb international study programs and excellent research opportunities, thereby enabling the students to be a part of a global academic community.
  • Quality Education: High Academic Standards
    Germany bears a very strong economy and one of the reasons for this is the quality of its higher education system. Academic standards at German universities are top-notch; not only are the renowned technical institutes, such as TU Darmstadt, RWTH Aachen, and others, ranked as some of the best in the world, but the study courses offered in the diversity of other fields such as: medicine, law, social sciences, arts etc., are highly acclaimed internationally.
  • International Degree Programmes
    Germany has over 300 International Degree Programmes that provide courses in various disciplines, particularly in engineering, natural sciences, computer sciences and economics and lead to internationally recognized Bachelor or Master degrees or even to a PhD.
  • Cost Effective Education
    Universities are state-funded, hence, no tuition fees are charged. You simply have to bear your living expenses. Likewise, special student discounts are made available to the international students, thereby making education in Germany less expensive.
  • Historic Charm combines with a Safe and Welcoming Environment
    Germany, set in the heart of Europe, is a beautiful, safe and welcoming place. Germany possesses an excellent system of trains, buses and trams that offer efficient and inexpensive transportation around the land. This allows for easy and affordable access to the university and to Germany's cultural life. The high quality of life and excellent educational system attracts many international students to enter German universities every year.
  • Better Employment Opportunities
    The German economy is Europe’s strongest economy. It is the European leader in terms of growth, employment and export. Employment opportunities are very high and work environment is highly worker friendly.
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